Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lunch with the Heartland Nomads

Hi, I’m blogging to tell whoever is reading this that I was lucky enough to meet last month with a few nomads from an organization called LiNK, (Liberty in North Korea). LiNK works to help refugees from North Korea, and also to raise awareness about the problems in North Korea.

There are many violations of human rights in North Korea, including human trafficking and enslavement, torture, and murders that go unpunished. To learn more, check out North Korea 101 on LiNK’s website.

It was very cool to have lunch with the three heartland nomads. It was also inspiring to meet three people who have given up three months of their lives to help others, something that from the outside looking in is very easy to underestimate, but on closer examination you will see that something like that makes all the difference. 

Having lunch with LiNK’s heartland nomads inspired 61 Strong to set a new goal: to raise $2,500 in 2012, enough to help LiNK save one refugee. If you want to learn more about LiNK, click here. And if you have any comments or thoughts on ways that 61 Strong can raise the money needed to save a refugee, please let us know by commenting below!