Monday, October 24, 2011

Car Wash

Our first fundraiser was a success! While I greatly enjoyed the carwash, and we reached a lot of people, I was exhausted.  Here are a few tips if you’ve got a cause you’re pumped about and want to help raise funds or awareness for. 
  1. Be sure to have lots of soft/smooth towels, like shammies (or if worse comes to worse, a torn up sweat shirt) and a dry spot to spread the towels out so they can dry in between cars. 
  2. Sunscreen is always helpful; if you need proof, just ask the back of my neck. 
  3. Bring a cooler that is full of ice and tons of water bottles; it gets very hot and tiring out there after a while.
  4. Be sure that if and when you hold signs, you hold them so the cars see the signs in time to turn into your wash.
Here is a list of things we had with us: Max Wax soap, ripped sweat shirts, large sponges, two small squeegees, and lots of enthusiasm.

We raised $170 and told a lot of people about human trafficking. It felt good to know I took part in helping other kids. I hope you found my short list of tips helpful. If you took part in the carwash, or if you have questions about your own carwash, leave a comment below!


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